We know that children thrive when they have a sense of belonging.  Children need strong, positive connections with friends who support and understand them, and people they can turn to for help. 

It matters to children, it matters to teachers and it matters to parents.


KidsMatter Primary is an Australian initiative for primary schools that provides a framework, resources and support to identify and implement strategies to improve the mental health and wellbeing of students.


KidsMatter began as a pilot program in 100 schools across Australia in 2007-2008.  The evaluation of the pilot showed improvements in student wellbeing, behaviour and learning outcomes.


KidsMatter Primary is giving Beaumaris Primary School access to the latest thinking and research on mental health and wellbeing including:

  • strategies to help us build a positive school community
  • social and emotional learning resources for use in and beyond the classroom
  • practical ideas for working with parents
  • specific guidance to help children with mental health difficulties

The KidsMatter whole-school approach asssists schools to be the best possible places to nurture and support the wellbeing and academic achievement of all students.


Our journey with KidsMatter has started well. following a number of staff briefings we have created a teacher/parent team at BPS to work through the program and implement any strategies required. 


The results are now available from our student and parent surveys, click on the links below to see the full, detailed results:

Student survery for Years 4,5 and 6

Student survey for Prep, Years 1,2 and 3

Parent Survey



In response to issues raised in the surveys above, we will be sharing information on some of the key issues each week in Stop Press.  This information is also shown below:-


Introducing KidsMatter Primary

Encouragement not Just Praise




Resilience is the ability to cope in the face of challenges and bounce back after difficulties. Just like going to the doctor for a checkup, taking vitamins or exercising to look after your physical health, resilient people also take care of their emotional health.


People who are resilient use strategies to keep themselves feeling good, like doing things they enjoy regularly and having strong social support systems. They identify people to talk to or get help from during difficult times. How do you build resilience?


You can also play a role in helping to build a young person’s resilience by providing guidance, encouragement and a safe supportive and nurturing environment.